A new risk assessment tool has been released for use as an alternative to the current PDF PBRAT. The new tool is known as Electronic Planned Burn Risk Assessment Tool (ePBRAT) and is available for use by FFMVic staff via the Fuel Management System (FMS) website https://portal.ffm.vic.gov.au/fms/

The ePBRAT has been designed to reflect the intent of the PDF PBRAT but introduces some significant changes to provide a better user experience, remove ambiguities relating to background number calculations, and provide more opportunities for users to input information around key risks and mitigations that are relevant to individual burns.

The ePBRAT is ready for use now. It will remain available through Autumn 2019 before being replaced by a broader change to planned burn risk assessment.

PBRAT Process
Figure 1: Planned Burn Risk Assessment Tool – Process Map
Login and Access

Type https://portal.ffm.vic.gov.au/fms/ in the address bar using Google Chrome.

User will be navigated to Fuel Treatment landing page.

Fuel Treatment Landing Page

All Burns and Works Fuel Treatments with Status “Planned” and onwards will be displayed here.

ePBRAT Landing Page

User will be navigated to ePBRAT landing page.


ePBRAT consists of three phases:

  1. Pre-scheduling Assessment (Phase 1)
  2. Operational Delivery Review (Phase 2)
  3. Pre-Ignition Review (Phase 3)

Note: ePBRAT system has an idle time-out for 1 hour. Please ensure to save your data frequently (every 15-30 minutes) to ensure that your data is successfully saved and not lost.